Oxyde ⌀ Redux edition

Oxyde ⌀ Redux Edition is an arcade game I worked on with 5 teammates during the Scientific Game Jam 2020. This game jam focuses on creating games in 48 hours whose theme is linked with PhD students’ research. And here it is, we created this game in a style between Super Hexagon and Touhou, where the player has to maintain the temperature of a cooling metalic glass at a medium while avoiding oxydation. The main principle is to catch heat particles but not too much while protecting the core with a controlable shield against both heat and oxygen particles. During the project I worked on the graphics of the game that are mainly built on Unity Shader Graphs.

You can download and test the game on the Itch page of the project.

3D Expert. Computer graphics R&D Freenlance.

My research interests include character animation and non-photorealistic rendering.