Making a NPR Shader in Blender

Introduction to NPR inside Blender for a basic but complete shader.

Post Processing Effects

Here is a compilation of post processing effects implemented inside Skyengine. I implemented some of them inside Unity as well. Gundam model : Gundam GAT 105 modified by Rupen Kanwar on Sketchfab Bloom Outline Based on a Sobel filter on the Depth and Normals Contrast Kuwahara Filter

Animation Target Constraint

One common task game developers come across when using animated characters is to modify them in real-time in order to satisfy a given task. More particularly, re-using the same grab/take animation or push/punch/kick animation to target a specific object is a feature every programmer want and may have to implement. When dealing with targets in animation, the first word that came into our mind is Inverse Kinematic (IK). And actually, that is a good start to tackle our problem.

Animation Transfer

One main goal of my thesis is to find a way to animate 3D characters using physical props as an animation tool. The motivation is to create an animation sequence from a play with figurines, trying to reproduce what the player was imagining. Space Time Doodle Transfer examples Below, I show transfered space-time doodles into animation sequences. It is important to note that all actions were learnt for the two first examples as well as for the garden example.

Base Mesh Creation

This project is a second attemp to implement a fast base mesh creation method from this paper. The main idea is to create a animable mesh from a skeleton whose joints are represented by spheres with variable radius defining the distance from the mesh vertices. This mesh generation algorithm is decomposed into 3 steps: First a simple init mesh is computed connecting each joint with successive quad extrusion and convex hull computation for T-junctions.

Coherent Mark-based Stylization of 3D Scenes at the Compositing Stage

A novel temporally coherent stylized rendering technique working entirely at the compositing stage.

Laban Effort Animation Transfer

One important aspect of my thesis work is adding expressivity to an input “neutral” animation. In our work, we decided to take the Laban Effort space as the main representation of the expressivity. This 4D space is divided into Space, Time, Weight and Flow axis. The Space axis describes how direct or indirect a movment is, Time describes if a movment is rather sudden or sustained while Weight differenciate Light from Strong motions.